My Soldier Has My Heart

I have known my soldier for a while and I see these stories of girls missing their boyfriends after a day. I haven't gotten to see my boyfriend in over a month. We rarely get to talk and when we do I cherish every moment. I do cry at night and he will never know this because I'm showing him I can be strong for us. We have fallen head over heels for each other and my heart cries out for him this very moment. Ilive with the fact I'm a military girlfriend I'm at the bottom of the pack per say and I signed up for this. I love him dearly but its so hard knowing that I wont get to see him or hold him as often as others I dontget to hug and kiss him goodnight or for any other reason. I can't fall asleep beside him every night and I wouldn't change that rather I'd change how it breaks my heart to only see him two or three days if I'm lucky. I slipped up and cried once in front of him because I wasn't ready for him to leave so in place he put a ring on my finger promising a life we both want. Yet here I am being selfish because I miss him and I envy those who see their men regularly
Simplyme2223 Simplyme2223
22-25, F
May 10, 2012