i don't know what even to say that's first time to share my story ,,
i meet a guy how was like a perfect man ,, for couples of year we met and talk and have some fun ,,, some times he talk with my as his GF ,, and some he talk like we r bro.& sis. or just friend
dunno know how he said that .. we have lot's of fun about kissing hug etc....
he go and come over and over to my life ... i love him , but i don't know whom i'm to him ??
GF or just friend or what ??? and when i talk to him about lov'n him he always say that's can't be coz we are friend and then suddenly kissing me ,,,, i know every one here may told that he was plai'n with my .. like i'm his pitch doll .. but that's not true coz. he's still friend with me care about me . and love talk'n wz me more that have sx ... but what i don't understand do he love me or not ,,,,,, really don't know and my life became hill ... i don't feel by any one except him :( any one have advice or answer for me !! ?
venesa venesa
18-21, F
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well what i think venesa is that iknow its really not easy for u to give him an ultimatum .
coz u love him a lot then u would be afraid to lose him and hurt yourself only .but once just normally do ask him and ask him why cant he be in a relationship with u ???

maybe you should tell him if we are friends you shouldnt kiss me cause you dont do that with friends and see what his reaction is

i do that .... and he said we might breakup for a while to control my self coz i dunno want u upset .. so we do that . and when he came back nothing change !! don't know what to do any more .. but i'm really lov'n him and can't push him away more :(

i think you should just tell him and give him an ultimatum and this way he either wants to be with you or not.. if not tell him you have to move on and be with someone that wants to be with you..