Most of these posts are about ex's...

Mines about my grandad. For some reason I'm having trouble not crying right now. I know he's at peace but I didn't see him for three weeks I sat in the waiting rooms at the hospital and just cried. I was too hound to see him and I wish I was told earlier how ill he actually was. Everyone else got to say goodbye. Just me. And it was all my fault! I was the one that made him break his hip, I was the one who caused the falls because of the hip, i was the reason his health deteriorated. If it wasn't for me he'd probably still be alive. They say he would have died anyway. But he wouldn't have.
I miss him a lot and I had to leave the church at his funeral because I couldn't handle it. I was the only family member who didn't go to the crematorium to say goodbye.
I recently went to see him and all I did was cry. I felt so bad and I had to leave. I can't even say the word "Granddad" without bursting into tears.
This happened 3 years ago and everyone has moved on. I think in the only one who hasn't!
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Aug 23, 2014