How Could U Leave Me?!?!

my boyfriend dumped me sunday march 7th. we had been dating over a year. i got an abortion on the 4th and it was his child. i regreted it and still do. the fact that he was not there for me when i was crying all thursday and friday and even went out to the movies with another girl killed me!!! he broke up with me and is dating another girl.. already!! its the same girl he went to the movies with.. i miss him so much, we were perfect for each other and i we were in love. he got another girl and is totaly fine without me =[ i did so much for him and the fact that he left after i killed our child hurts me. i miss him and my baby.  i miss my family =[ i cant believe he left me at that time. we had plans to get married and everything. it really did feel like he was the one. he is all i have been thinking about since we broke up. i cant believe he has done this to me. he just doesn't care anymore. i called him to tell me i think i have to tell my mom bout the abortion and he answered then hung up.. i texted him and was like "common this is not the time, i think our rents are gonna find out" and he was like why?" and i was like "nvm ill deal with it on my own" he said " i will call when i am done" i dont want to talk to him cuz its just gonna upset me more.. idk what to do, what to say..  please anyone.. i dont like this..

cheergirl226 cheergirl226
18-21, F
Mar 16, 2010