2 Year Anniversary Today And He Isnt Here...

Its my 2 year anniversary today and my boyfriend isnt here to spend it with me.. since he left on Monday its somewhat getting easier but still difficult especially today since its our day and I am spending it alone.. he is in San Diego for Boot Camp and im taking everyones advice to keep busy but any little memory I find myself tearing up at work or in class. Im 20 years old and very strong but this is indeed the hardest thing I have ever gone through. Landen was not only my boyfriend but he was my best friend and my other half, and it kills me inside not to have him here..
I will get through this I will but i just needed something to put my feelings on because holding it in is not good at all.
I am willing to talk via text as well since I am not always on here, message me for my number
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3 Responses Sep 21, 2011

thank you girls<3 it means a lot, i am just so used to having him here and yesterday was our first anniversary apart.. but im a strong girl, i have already written 3 letters and the 4th one tomorrow. his address should come tomorrow so im excited to get these letters out. im keeping busy as much as possible. thank you for the support it means a lot

Happy 2 year anniversary=)<br />
Bootcamp is pretty hard but itll go by quick. At first it feels like graduation day is never going to come but it will. Stay strong for your boyfriend. I was the same way, crying for every little thing or everything that reminded me of my husband. but after 2 weeks of crying everyday I knew I had to be strong. Just write to your bf everyday, they look forward to letters everyday to cheer them up.

Hey! My name is Alex. I had the same feeling yesterday. Even though it was only our 3 month anniversary I was so sad that Frank wasn't there to spend it with me, since he is also in bootcamp in San Diego. I usually tear up when I see, hear, or smell something that reminds me of him. If you need to talk you can message me ANY TIME! Good luck girl!