He Left Me After A Year

I miss my exboyfriend so much. We were together for a bit after a year, celebrated our anniversary with gifts and a night away and then two weeks later he said the he felt like we were becoming more like friends and that he didn't love me anymore. I could feel as though something was wrong between us for about a month, and every time I mentioned it to him he just told me that everything was fine and that he loved me. It was all a lie.He said that I was perfect for him and broke up with me in the same breath. I just don't understand.

I miss him so very much and love him with all my heart. He wrote me and said that he feels like he lost his best friend, that he knows how much I'm hurting and that he would like to be my friend if and when my heart heals. I don't know if I can do that. I feel like I lost my everything. I thought that I was going to marry this man, have a family with him, grow old with him and be happy but that wasn't in his plan.

I wish that I could turn back time and figure out what it is that I did that made him lose the love he had for me. If I could do that I wouldn't be hurting like this right now and would still be in his arms. My heart is completely broken and I'm lost without him.

orangeblossoms orangeblossoms
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1 Response Nov 16, 2009

im sorry to hear of this loss. a lover is also a best friend but i guess it can sometimes be hard to tell where one begins and the other stops. *hugs* to you through your difficault time.