Missing Him So Much...

Being in love is really hard if anyone can relate please email me cause i don't know what to do iam hurting so bad. My boyfriend well i can say fiance now he is in the army and its only been 2 months since i last seen him and i've been going crazy every time he calls i miss it and that makes me so angry cause i miss talking to him even if it is for 5 minutes. he is the love of my life and iam going to be with him for the rest of my life. he is the only guy that i've told everything to. he is the one that i lost my virginity too lol. but this whole army is idk just not for me its to hard i can't stop thinking about him wondering what he is doing...if he is being faithful to our relationship. i've heard so many stories on how most relationships that has army wrapped around them doesn't work out because of cheating and i would never cheat on him i've been cheated on and i kno how it feels and i love him way to much to do that to him he is my world. iam just having a hard time dealing with him being gone i do get to go see him in 3 weeks but when i see him iam not gonna want to leave i don't want to say goodbye again it was hard the first time and the second time oh my goodness. and i don't want things to change between us i want to spend the rest of my life with him but i can't do that if he is an uptight army guy..sure its sexy to be marrying a soldier but not if he is to controlling and uptight thats what iam afraid he is going to be like when he does come back but i hope and pray to god he is still the guy i fell in love with 2 years ago. i really am in love and i may only be 18 but who set an age to fall in love. i was 16 when i realized that i had something good and that i wouldn't let it slip through the cracks that i wasn't going to let him get away otherwise i would regret it for the rest ofmy life or have what ifs and everything like that if there is anyone that is going through what iam going through plz help i need advice on to handle what iam about to go through. i am not only asking iam saying that i takes alot to sacrifice your whole life becasue your in love with soldier i will never be number one in his life the army will and thats what our is going to consist of the army this the army that wut about me..does that sound selfish..if so let me know. i don't kno what else to do or who turn to somebody plz help me! thank you so much and have a good night!!! <3   love kaylee

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lol...good luck!

well where my husband is at they take is seriously and i kno how to ruin his life if he cheated on me when i found about his first cheating as boyfriend girlfriend his friends kicked his *** and they said if he does it again he will get it twice as hard. so and i think he has learned his lesson. i hope iam still nervouc but he told me that the day i say i do is the day that i forget that there is other women in the world and i hope he is true to his words cause it will be very mess if it wasn't lol

Im glad it is working out for you guys. I also met my stbx in high school and we got married...its been 10 yrs...we are going through a divorce. See I thought you could get in trouble for adultry in the military...but then whats more important to the military-the mission or your family...the mission according to them. I'm just letting you know my experience. I hope you guys happiness and strength in your marriage always.

Well i wrote this so long ago that we are now engaged and waiting for the arrival of our baby girl he is in iraq now and there are no women in platoon or even in his MOS its to dangerous he has changed and it is for the good iam willing to do whatever it takes to keep our marriage together our family together. i may not trust him fully but there is ways i can ruin his life if he ever cheated on iam not the person to eff around with when it comes to my family. loving a soldier isn't terrible yes not all work out but i meet him in high school before the army he knows what he could lose, he will never see me or his daughter if he cheats on me again he knows that i can ruin his career in a bl<x>ink of an eye.

My husband or stbx is in the army...I have to be honest with you, if you marry him you might end up being hurt. Do you love him enough to forgive him for anything and everything??? ANd he will change, if not during basic training he might change after coming back from over seas or whatever but eventually they will change. My stbx( I hate this word) cheated on me with another soldier and his whole battalion knew about it...soldiers will stick together no matter what the situation, even if it ruins a marriage/relationship, think really hard if you are ready for a life with a soldier. I never thought my stbx would ever cheat on me either, he reassured me he wouldnt, but when you put a bunch of men and women together for long periods of time eventually something will happen...Im not saying its going to happen for sure, but the majority of military marriages end up in divorce or if they didnt their spouses ended up cheating on them...Im sorry, but I have through this...I wish love was forever but it is not and trust me you do not want to be where I am right now because the pain is just too much sometimes.