Forbidden Lovers

It was this summer my family and i went to Mexico to visit my grandparents and my other family.  We only stayed for 10 days. So one day i went over to my cousin's house just to hang out and that's when Tono came over and it was 2 years since i had seen him. He had a crush on me since then and i never thought about it and we started to hang out and  we started to talk and i never relized how much i liked him. the more we talked the more i liked him.

By then we only only had 4 days to stay and i told Emmy to tell him that i really liked him, so one night we were all over at her house but i had to leave and i told Emmy to tell him, so she did but she told me that he said that i should be the one to tell him and i was  like ok i will, but the last few days i only saw him a few times and i didn't want to tell him in front of him his friends. so i waited..

That saturday he was over at Emmy's house and i went over but when i got there he already left. Then sunday we had a huge party and i was too busy helping my mom and my grandma and i only got to see him at night, but he was with his friends.

One Monday (our last day) i was set to tell him how i felt but he was at work.  At night was the only time i could tell him and i was set. They had a festival at the Church and he was there so Emmy told him i was waiting for him outside the gates of the Church and he went and i was there but my sisters and their lil friends followed and Tono and i were waiting for them to leave. Once they left we started talking and that when my  other cousin came and told me we had to leave cuz my need to say goodbye to my other family in another Ranch.  i wanted to stay but wasn't allowed.. so i had to leave but when i turn back to see him he was standing there and i couldn't stand it and i ran back to tell him i loved him but instead i grabbed him and kissed him and then i ran hopeing that he was still going to be out when i came back...  But we came back around 1am and i went to Emmy house and then home ...  That Morning we had to leave for the airport. When were in the car and i turned back wave i saw him runing  to our house but it was too late...

I MISS HIM SO MUCH.. It hurts me.  I wish i could of had one more  day. I wish I  had just told him myself... 

I just MISS him soo much, I cry for him.  It just hurts me soo much.

BellaMuertexX BellaMuertexX
18-21, F
Jul 24, 2007