I Miss Israel Macias So Much? :(

I sometimes wonder to myself if. I really wanted to be in a. Military Relationship and even though we're so far apart that. I'm such a caring and wonderful girlfriend to him all the time. I miss him way too much to even begin to think about anyone and. I had hoped to see him when
the time comes. I've been a little negative towards myself too much lately. I am a little reluctant also but. I just don't know why it's so difficult though and. I do love care honor respect and cherish him from a long distant relationship but. I chose to love him for the same man.
I know he is and maybe the only man that does feel the same way in return to me. :) I love him with my heart,soul,life, and mind and he loves me with his heart,soul,life and mind also. I've come to love a man in the. US Military for the rest of my life and. I couldn't be happier anymore than. I could ask for and maybe. I am a slight naive and stubborn too just like he is. :( but what can. I say to that but nobody can
take that happiness away from me ever again. ;-)
marinesweetheart30 marinesweetheart30
26-30, F
Jul 24, 2010