I Didn't Think I'd Ever Join This Group....

My ex and I broke up, about a Month and a Half ago, it was my decision, I was not happy, I felt like I was being used as a place to stay and used for sex, and money. In the past five months of our relationship, I tried working things out, but  it was no use, or relationship was over. We had a very nasty break-up, he wouldn't leave me be, would text and call me all the time, he kept showing up at my work, even when he said he was just there to get groceries, I know it was more than that. I never thought that I would be able to say that I miss him. I miss what we had, back in the begining, back before everything turned to ******* ****. Tonight, I wish more than anything we were on good terms. I know I have no right to miss him, or have no right for these tears to fall, since I am the one who ended it, but tonight, I can't help it....
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3 Responses Jul 25, 2010

I am going through the same thing. You're lucky that your ex is still chasing you and you could, in the future, maybe have a chance of fixing things. I really do that that things work out for you two in the end and that all you needed was some time and space.

know that i am missing you more than anything . you can call or text me and i will be a friend first and foremost. i miss what we had in the begining. i didn't like how the last few months were and if i could redo them i would in a heart beat.

I am sorry to hear that Angel. How can help.