Love Is Not Love

I really shouldn't miss him! It has been almost 2 years now! He was my first love... I did ANYTHING for him.... I was always waiting for him when he was done work. I would drive 30 min just to see him for 5 min! I let him meet my parents! (I don't do that ever) I thought everything was perfect! Sadly it wasn't! He hid it SO well! When i heard him say he loves me I started to cry! I was SO happy! Little did i know that in a week it would all fall apart! I found out he had a 2nd girlfriend! To make it even worse she was a friend of mine that I still talked to (back then) we didn't know we were with the same guy! I remember it SO well! I hated him! I hated me for loving him! The worst thing is I still love him! I want him back! I want to be in his arms! I want him to say he loves me! Out of all my ex-boyfriends he was the best! Well kinda! He never hit me, he never said rude things to me, he never forced me to do something I didn't want to! All he did is steel my heart! I really miss him! I don't know if I will ever stop missing him! 
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I'm actually going through the same thing right now, so I understand. If you want to get over him, then ask yourself "what can I do to get over him?" If you're able to come up with some potential answers, then try them out. If you exhaust your ideas and you still haven't gotten over him, then ask other people for ideas. If none of that works, then hell, try a google search or get grief counseling (the loss of a relationship is the equivalent of the loss of a loved one, so what you're going through is grief).

Maybe I have NEVER had a problem getting over an ex before I keep thinking it is because he was my first love! I wish I could just get over him!

I don't know your situation or you, but from a psychological perspective it sounds like there are some unresolved issues in your heart that revolve around him - some part or parts of your relationship with him that you haven't fully processed.

I have tried SO hard to forget him and to move on! I did at one point until I saw him! Then I couldn't! I really want to just get over him because he was a jerk and hurt me A LOT!

Ok I have been there and lesson learned - once I used to put my love and hope to someone and it never reciprocate - that really hurt and after some healing process I discovered that I must not hope someone to propose happiness to me but allow myself to enjoy his company and the special moments whenever is good enough for me. You should be happy for knowing him and seeing his true colors - so even the feeling is there, safe it for the future...bring that feeling to someone who deserves you more.