Bootcamp And A Broken Heart.

Me and the man i'm in love with him were together for almost two years.
He leaves for navy bootcamp september 21 and things have been kinda rocky lately so he decided to break it off. He said he needed to be single right now and concentrate on family etc. He still wants to be best friends and he tells me he misses me and cares about me all the time. Every time i'm online he IM's me and calls me whenever he gets the chance. We just talk as friends though but he loves talking to me. Also, I told him i didn't wanna talk unless he knew for a fact that someday we could be together. His reply? "I'll always care about you and there's always a chance of us being together, in fact, you'll be one of the first people I wanna see when I get back home"

I care about this boy more than words can describe. We've been through hell and back but I know there's some issues we need to workout. No doubt. Do you think being friends could help us trust one another again and maybe spark that flame?

sarahbeara10108 sarahbeara10108
18-21, F
Aug 13, 2010