I Miss You...

Sometimes you felt like no one could move your heart, sometimes you thought that no one could make it skip a beat... and then, all these notions decide to make a flip of 180 degrees. Someone really special makes it into your life -in a place or a moment- which you least expected and it really does not take you too long to realize that they are exceptional, unique -in every possible way. You try to embrace this... lightning which struck you in the middle of some random weekday and do your best to understand how could it be that you were able to create a certain, indescribable bond so fast, with someone who makes you think of one word: soulmate.

At that point, you should consider yourself at some... trouble. Emotional trouble, that is. Before you know it, you start to shake inside-out of fear of losing this person -no matter how, no matter in what way. And once they have to go somewhere, once you lose your sight of them, you immediately start to miss them. Sometimes you feel as if you were about to lose your mind when you get (over)-worried, just because they are gone for far too long, just because they are not answering their phone or replying to your messages. You try to explain it to yourself: "ah, he just has to be busy...", "I worry too much, I need to relax", "maybe he ran out of battery?", "perhaps there are network problems?"... you give yourself gazillions of arguments, but you still worry... and the feeling of missing him gets stronger and stronger.

You try to do whatever you can, just to stop feeling anxious for a moment. You read a book, you listen to some music, you go for a walk, you meet up with a friend -but nothing saves your worried, missing heart, the pressure in your chest does not go away. Only sleep can save you -but what if there is no telephone ring to wake you up? What if you wake up and see no messages, no missed calls?

And then, after hours, the moment of salvage comes. He writes to you or gives you a call, and the heavy pressure in your chest gets released. You take a deep breath. Who knows, maybe even tears will appear because... of happiness?

But there is one thing that does not change...

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Mar 24, 2012