Who Are You?

Its like you've been replaced by another,
It's still your face,
But somethings changed.

So I'll just stand here and fight back the tears in my eyes,
Smile and tell you its all alright.

Seems like yesterday,
We were just saying hello for the very first time,
Funny how time flies.

But now you got me curled up on the floor,
Skin scrubbed red,
Trying to get your touch off of me,
Get the taste of your kiss out of my mouth,
Get you away of me.

Crying out,
Maybe heaven will hear me,
Answer my prayers,

I miss you.

You stand before me,
But somethings not the same,
Same face, but somethings changed,
Got me thinking,
Who the hell are you?

So don't mind me,
Missing your hand timidly reaching to hold mine,
Missing you blushing when I kissed you,
Missing your laugh, your smile,
When I'd love talking to you all day,
Knowing I trusted you, could tell you what was on my mind

Who the hell are you?

Eyes staring me down hungerly,
Hands boldly running across my body,
Your rough voice whispering in my ear,

I cant hear you,
I'm not listening.

So now I stand here before you,
I can't fight back the tears in my eyes,

I must've messed something up,
Its gotta be me.

But theres nothing I can do,
Your lost to me,

Can't get something back when its all gone.

So I'll keep my head up high,
Tell you I dont care anymore,
I don't need you,
I've got a future,

Tell you
I'm living this place,
With or without you,
You say you dont want to loose me,
Then dont.

Just do it again,
Just take advantage of me.

Its just a never ending cycle with you,
Isnt it?

Always sayin your gonna change,
When you cant even keep your word for a day.

I'll be calling you a liar,
Tellin you I'm not listening,

I'll just keep missing you.
bigeyesseemore bigeyesseemore
22-25, F
1 Response Jun 24, 2012

i love this...so powerful! you are a great writer..keep your head up, girly! it will get better.

thank you!