Cindy Who Missed Her Ride

Every girl has its own fairytale story some are like Rapunzel, Snow White, the lithe mermaid and many more. As what Disney would say life is a fairytale and Prince Charming does exist. I too can consider myself as one of the fairytale character, I guess it would be me equals to Cinderella. It’s not that I do have a fairy godmother who will grant my wish, turned a pumpkin into a beautiful carriage and then straight way to the palace and there met my Prince. But I too got a Cinderella life once before it’s just I begin to miss my carriage ride straight way to him. I may have met Prince Charming on the way and I have spent my life with him. I know he is the one and, everything I wanted is really into him. But it turned out my fairytale story is ruined by my selfish and immature insecurities. Yes! This real life Cindy fails. I missed my chance and I don’t know if there would be a fairy godmother in this world that will help me get my u prince back. I ruined a perfect love story, I regret and I just suffered badly I know everything is my fault. And if I got a fairy godmother now I’ll wish time to go back so I won’t miss my carriage ride straight way to my prince. But afterall, this is reality no magic powers needed and if I want something I should better strive for it and I will try my best to be a Cinderella not by magic but by effort and change. This time this Cindy won’t miss her ride again. :)

shuneden shuneden
18-21, F
Dec 8, 2012