Restless And Skating On The Brink Of Regret

I want to go back to him. Tell him it's ok.. I'm all healed. Let's be friends like you wanted. I said I had to say goodbye.. I said I needed a graceful exit, that I needed to hold my head up high and leave while I still could. I said it would be undignified if he found someone else (he was already dating) and I get pushed aside or am completely neglected, with no respect for our friendship...but now I feel like saying it's ok. Let's be friends. I'm good...and then pretend and smile even if I'm pining an dlonging for him.. I might regret leaving. I might regret saying I can't be just friends with him.. I might regret saying I needed time.. I wanna just go back. I miss him. I miss laughing with him. Sure I cry alll the time.. but at least .. at least I can laugh in between..

I feel so restless...

MidnightMia MidnightMia
26-30, F
Jan 18, 2013