Aw Crap..........

......Im watching TV and a couple are having a hug on the sofa. I want him to be doing that to me tonight, instead of being 30 miles away

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8 Responses Jan 7, 2009

oh man, i've been there, i've been there. it kills.

Lets see...<br />
<br />
We got 30 miles....<br />
332 miles plus or minus a few inches....<br />
And 10,000+......<br />
<br />
Guess there's no difference really....<br />
:(<br />
You guys will just have to remain annoyingly funny until the wait is over...<br />

Heh heh heh...

*sigh*<br />
I'd trade with you right now....10,000 miles plus here. I feel your missing, though.

Or inches, my dear Sailor. ;)

Nyx....<br />
<br />
How exact is 332.... Like plus or minus a couple feet?<br />
<br />

Saturday, here. *clinks teacups with moo* Here's to some good lovin' for two VERY deserving chicas! :)

I hear ya, moo. My man is 332 miles away at the moment! But I am going to see him very soon, so that makes up for it. ;)