I Wish He Was Here

I miss him so much I cant breathe, my husband is my best friend and I feel so alone now that hes not here I know hes doing his job and I support him I just miss him like crazy its like my heart breaks every morning and everynight cause hes not here I just want him to come home soon but honestly were looking at 16months I have 6moths left before r&r my heart hurts

armywife26 armywife26
22-25, F
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No problem. I'll definately keep that in mind :)

Thank you if you ever need to talk Im here for you you hang in there to

Believe me hun! I understand that feeling completely. I feel lost without my baby too. It's hard but I know that we can all get through it and we'll become stronger as a result. Hang in there

I have looking at it that way he doesnt come till aug for r&r but I have my moments and It just hurts so bad that hes not here I know hes doing his job and support him 100% just a bit of me gets selfish and I want him with me so bad hes everything to me hes my best friend and I just miss him so much

These ladies are right. I miss my boyfriend so much but it's so much easier if you think of each day that he's away meaning that you're one day closer to finally being in his arms again as vickigarcia said. Also, don't dwell on how much you miss him, but rather how lucky you are to have someone so amazing to miss :) Hang in there. You'll be together again before you know it.

Hang in there sweetie!!!!! It's tough I am not going to lie to you. You will continue to miss him everyday and night, if you didn't you wouldn't love him right? Always rememember each day he is gone is not one day further that he is away from you, but one day closer to him coming home!!!!

i dont have a husband, but i understand how much you miss him. i miss my bf so much. hang in there. dont give up and stay strong.

That is why us forces wives are a rare breed. For myself. I don't know if you believe in God but I believe God will never give us more than we can handle. For myself I journal and write my prayers down. it gives my the strength to carry on and also get all of my feeling out in the open and I also then can go back and see how far I have come.x