I Dont' Know How to Fix This

well i complety messed up with my neighbor and now i'm missing him like crazy its driving me nuts i don't know what to do. I can't believe i made such a stupid mistake and he saw! so i went for a drive with a friend of mine and deep down i was hoping my neighbor would see him pick me up to make him a lil jealous what i didn't expect was when i got dropped off for my "friend" to kiss me!! and of course my neighbor saw that 2. so a week goes by and i finally see my love the boy next door. and instead of him being him normal sweet self he was acting strange thats when he had told me he saw me kiss the other guy and for me not to tell him i'm just with him anymore and he even called me a player!!! which i am so not. He is the one i want. so wheni tried to kiss him he would kiss me i didn't even know what to say because i did kiss the other guy =( so then to make thing even worse he tells me he just kissed another girl before coming to see me (I dont' even think he did I just think he said it to hurt me) so i told him to get out and he looked completely shocked and i told him what do you expect me to say when u just told me you were kissing someone else. I haven't talked to him since and its been over a week I don't know how to fix this

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2 Responses Feb 20, 2009

actually i have started seeing him again things are getting back to the way they were if not better and he does know how i feel about him even though he calls me a pla<x>yer

You ever spoke to him yet? There is hope still. I just hope he didn't move out yet. More to this if you still want him.