I Really Loved Him

he did me wrong and now i dont want to live anymore.....u broke up with me because i didnt want to talk about are relationship in the school hallway...so now we are broken up and i miss him much.......
missloveable missloveable
18-21, F
3 Responses Feb 9, 2007

I am sorry to hear about your broken relationship. I am pretty sure you will find some one that appreciates you! :) keep your hopes up!

I think if you talk to him later privately you will be able to talk about what happened. But if he wanted to talk about the relationship before maybe he wanted to break up with you then. Talk to him to get closure. You will miss him at first but then you will meet other guys and get a new start.

Maybe you are just more mature than him in that way. You believe in discussing things privately which is how you should especially something that personal. Maybe he will grow up a little and come back! Until then hold your head high!