It's not that I miss him anymore.. I guess I just miss the intimacy and attention. I miss the affection. I miss being held in his arms at night and holding his hand. I miss the random kisses and tight hugs at the right moments. I miss him holding me close and keeping me safe. I'm not ready to move on yet.. But I do miss this. 💔 😔
ashley719 ashley719
22-25, F
2 Responses Mar 24, 2014

i dont no about the kissing lol but i alway give ya a hug ps why havnt u reply to my messages D:

I've been so upset :( im sorry.. Today's been a bad day.

awwww if u ever get upset and need a friend u no im here for u <3

Me too Ashley, I miss the hugs and kisses as well, the random tickles, the random kisses, random huggles and all those things. Most of all, the intimacy in all forms. I know how you feel.