After 15 Years I Started To Miss Home

I'm 26 and 15 years ago I moved with my family to Israel from Russia.
I was born and raised in a very small place (close to Alaska), and one of the reasons to move
Was "for a better future and greater opportunities", which seemed so true at the time.
And after 15 years of mostly fun living in another country I got back in touch with some old friends from Russia, and was "surprised" to find out that their lives are no different from my own-they all travel, have jobs they love, have enough money (I guess) to live the lives they want, and most of them have families of their own. So I started wondering-"what if? What if we stayed?". My life could be a lot less complicated, considering the tender political status of Israel in the world and many other thing which you don't have to deal with in distant places.
I never missed there like I do now, but unfortunately it's a pretty expensive trip, so I can't just go and see what's up. And I won't dare even think of getting back there for good before I check the ground, besides, my whole life is here now since I'm eleven -friends, a boyfriend, my cats , though I no longer have any family neither in Israel nor in Russia.
As an immigrant I've always felt a little different, but I guess I'll feel the same way anywhere, because I've grown up In two such a different places.

Anyway, I miss home…

sophief sophief
1 Response Jul 13, 2010

I am in a similar predicament here, only I am inside the same country. It is a long trip and I can only see family twice a year....if I am lucky. You may be able to get back to Russia someday, hopefully I can get away from this polluted Gulf Coast city soon