A Home Away From Home.

I was born in a small town just outside of Manchester in England, and I lived in the area in my early years. When I was about 3 or 4, my family and I moved away to a small town called Botwnnog in Pen Llyn, North Wales. I grew up in Wales, learned to speak Welsh and I loved my home. We were surrounded by beautiful countryside and beaches, which was lovely all through the year, from the isolated, snowy scenery in Winter to the packed beaches of Summer, it was a lovely place, and it was my home.

I had wonderful friends in Pen Llyn and I loved every day of my life there. After I finished the primary school I attended, Ysgol Pont-y-Gof, my mother decided that we were moving. Being only 11 I wasnt sure about it, but when it came to moving I was distraught. I'd never known anywhere other than Pen Llyn, and to pack up and leave was a nightmare. We moved to a small town in the North-east of England called Morecambe. The town was a former tourist attraction and surely was beautiful at one time, but nowadays its a rundown town infested with drug addicts and young offenders. It wasn't an ideal place to live. I attended Heysham High School for my first year of secondary school, and its fair to say I detested every second I had to endure. I wasnt like the other kids, they'd grown up in a rough area... They all smoked, and got drunk and were even sexually active. I was just an innocent little boy from the countryside.

After I finished my first year of Secondary School, I was delighted to hear that we were moving back to Pen Llyn. It was the best feeling I'd ever had. I hadn't been home in a year, and now I was going to be re-united with my friends and more importantly, my home. When we returned, I attended Ysgol Botwnnog, where my siblings had attended, so my family was quite well known at the school, and with them being reasonably clever it made me an instant superstar among the teachers. I loved every second of that school, the people were kind, it was in a beautiful little  village in the countryside and I love being able to speak Welsh to people. I was doing well in school, had an exciting social life and I loved it, when I was hit with bad news again... We were moving.

This time we were moving back to Manchester, my parents called it 'Home' but it wasnt. Being more mature and more emotionally developed, I was absolutely devostated this time around. I cried myself to sleep most nights after the move, for a short while I even resorted to self harming.
The worst big about it was, in the new School, I was unable to make friends, and therefor spent everyday wondering the seemingly lonely schoolyard with nothing but my thoughts and feelings.

I missed my friends, my home, and my family that remained in Wales. I would take every opportunity, e.g. Half Term, easter, Christmas and summer, to go and visit my home. These short visits were the only things that kept me going in my new life, the only fuel that drove me forward on a day to day basis, they were my final destination from the very day I left there.

Two years on and I still miss my home, Manchester may be a large, exciting city, but its never going to be my home. I still pay my visits to Pen Llyn every opportunity I get. Im just a little country boy. The good news though, I have finally managed to make some friends here, and I enjoy life now. I've created a social life here and honestly, its a good one. I've learned to accept that this is where I live and will do for some time to come. Its not all bad news, because I do like it, Im doing well in school, have nice friends and I am quite an exciting person now. But inside, theres not a day goes by that I dont think of my home and wish that I could go back there, every face I grew up with runs in circuits around my head and with each one I remember even the finest details about them, and I miss them. Even though I like it here, given the chance, I would return to Wales without even a second thought.
I like to consider this a very long holiday, on which I have grown home sick... The one thing I have to look forward to is that I know, someday soon, I will go home, for good.

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I feel for you. I am from a small town myself and currently I feel way out of my element in the big city. Not so exciting here like Manchester is though, it is a big polluted, congested, oil city. Good luck, I wish you well in Manchester

Made me feel for you. At least you were able to make some new friends in your new town.