Back Home In Mississippi

I miss home in Mississippi. I miss my eight families. I moved to Tennessee a year and a half ago. I started dating this girl when I came here. I left 3 times because I missed it so bad and I broke her heart 3 times. It wasn't my intention it was the sickness that grew in me. Here is so different. Its definitely not the same planet. I used to could just leave the house and stop every mile to visit someone. Just hang out. Here I can't. The thing is though I knew what I was leaving the third time. When I left I got home and slept from house to house in a month. No more than two nights at a time in the same home. I was confused. Then it hit me. It was the girl that I needed not home. So I left and went feeling sick on the 6 hour trip away. Man do I miss it. Its not it the place that I miss. Its the memories I had there. Boy do I have some.More than most. My best advice don't make home sickness be a real illness. It will make you sick. Enjoy where you are at.
joshuapuckett88 joshuapuckett88
22-25, M
1 Response May 18, 2012

same story we have buddy, except mine is living in a different country than where my home is. i have my love here but home is far away. we are planning to move to my home country in a few years' time. hopefully this plan works.