I Miss Home

I currently live in the UK, and enjoy it, though there are many things about home that I miss.  I miss my family, my friends, my career, crickets, and good ol' Illinois weather too.

I met a Brit on a business trip some years back, and we had a long distance relationship until we married, at which point I sold my house and car, packed my bags, and moved here to begin our life together.  What I hadn't realised until I got here was that I hadn't really known my husband, only the side he wanted me to see.  He had treated me as chatel as soon as I arrived.  I knew I had made a mistake, but spent the next 6 years trying to make the best of it, which is hard to do when you are dealing with someone who is contolling and domineering.  It was made more difficult because I had no friends over here.  Well, I had plenty of aquaintence friends, and friends from work, but not a close friend to confide in and do things with.

Eventually, as my husband was always out of the country on business, he filed for divorce.  It was a great relief, and I am now still struggling to bring this to conclusion.  Even now he is trying to still control and threaten me.  He puts up road blocks when it comes to actually releasing me, and he knows that my mother is dying.  I need to get back home.  After having the police out to the house one of the girls from work came forward and offered me lodging at her home.  There is a God. We have become like sisters.

Anyway, I miss home.  I will be starting over once I get there, but I welcome the chance!

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Thanks Lilycue. It really does feel like heartache sometimes.

Wow, thanks for that Juan! There is no place like home! And I can't wait for that beef either, I have really had a craving for a Portillos beef these last couple of months! And a gyro, and milkshakes, and tacos, and Al's pizza, and triscuts, and hot soft pretzels, and fresh beefsteak tomatoes straight from the garden, and .... and ..., well, you get the picture!

Years from now, once you are re-established in your home town, you may look back on this odyssey with wonder and appreciation.<br />
<br />
Click your heels together three times.<br />
A hot Italian beef sandwich and a frosty bottle of Old Style will be waiting for you.

I know they do. They worry extra because I am in a different country, especially my mom. Looking forward to my family reunion when I get back!

Your family misses you too! :)

Geez Star, hate to be the one to break the news, but CO can be -F too! I'm IL and parents still there, sister left for FL, go figure! Though it does not get -F here in England it is a damp cold, so creeps right through your bones. In IL it is dry cold (like CO), so as soon as you get back into your warm house you immediately thaw. Here in England you can be in a warm house for an hour and still be cold to the bone. I think that is one of the reasons they drink so much tea over here, trying to get warm from the inside!

I couldn't remember where you were from, I thought it was illinois, but then I thought maybe it was just your parents who lived there. My husband and I talked about moving there, but being from southern California, then being stationed in Hawaii, this snow in Japan is new to us...and the cold! brrr it barely drops below 0 degrees f. out there it's negative right?? and then you have the wind chill. How do you do it?<br />
<br />
we've thought more about it and decided on Colorado, he could get a good job in Denver (hoping the economy is better when he gets out); they have a few top rated towns plus with most family in CA and my mom in AZ it will be much easier to drive home

Thats good!!!<br />
<br />
Your profile photo suggest - you like to live like "free bird" <br />
You want freedom! It is inside you!!!<br />
Best of luck!!!! Go ahead we are with you......<br />
<br />
with Regards<br />

I know the feeling, I have a story in "I was trapped" it might help, but once you break free, do go back because that's what the controller wants. When they lose that they will sometimes do anything to get it back.

I appreciate your opinion. Personally, I believe that God does not create the pains in life, people do. <br />
<br />
I have only recently come to understand and appreciate your comment about creating one's own destiny. It was a big revelation for me when I realised that I had let my husband make me feel the way he had, I had given him the power to do so. I understand that now. I also understand the power of positive thinking, and how that can bring great things into one's life. I am still trying to keep it at the forefront of my thoughts, trying to be aware of my emotions so that I know when I need to redirect my thoughts, but it is still an exercise for me.

I ob<x>ject you only at the point.......there is a god.<br />
If there is god, why he/she/it created so many pains in our life.<br />
I am strict at this dogma...there is no god no miracle no mercy.<br />
<br />
We experience the effects of our deeds & nothing else.<br />
<br />
Believe in yourself, you can do anything with your life because you are the creater of your destiny. <br />
<br />
So, take decision & implement it.