I Miss Her Dearly

Intrepidtraveler was wonderful here on EP.  She was caring, loving and a great friend.  She was a true New Englander and was always thrilled when her Boston teams won, no matter what the sport.  She was a ray of sunshine and a treat to encounter here at EP.

She stood up for what was correct and for that she received unnecessary and unwarranted grief.  She threatened to leave on several occasions and the love of her fans and friends persuaded her to stay, but ongoing abuse continued and she left because it made really unpleasant for her to be here.  So it saddens me greatly that she had to leave for life is supposed to be fun not a fight against others who have nothing positive to say.

I miss her dearly. 

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6 Responses Mar 14, 2009

I didn't know she left. I thought she just took a break. How sad.

I am saddened I did not know her from all that has been said. Especially since 3 of my top 4 all time very favorite, special, wonderful, caring, precious, loving, passionate, intelligent, funny.... nudie, pixelita and missbebe have said such wonderful things about her. <br />
( no mewold isn't number 4) LOL

I would so much love have her back. She is a wonderful individual and I cherish her dearly. I can only hope that it will be so. I am not holding out much hope though for now.

Me, too....maybe she will come back????...SS

I never got to know her but I am sure I would have liked her. It's sad that people feel the need to be rude not only in real life but they bring it everywhere they go including EP. I just don't understand it.....

I do too she was one of the first 3 I met here.<br />
I knew I hadn't seen her but thought maybe she was taking a break.........She didn't tell me she was leaving.... :-(