I haven't had a kiss in 11 years so its safe for me to say I miss kissing.  I miss the tongue dipping into my mouth and I miss the tast of lips and the feel of heat.  I miss the rolling of the tongue over mine and I miss the sweet lingering pecks that follow the long ones.  I miss the feel of the mouth on my neck (which I LOVE) and his teeth pulling on my earlopes.  I miss sucking on the tongue and watching his face melt from me doing so.  I watch some movies and hope that the intended couple share at least one good sweet kiss.  Mouth open, tongues searching, lips finding, heart beating, body tingling kiss.  You know what I'm talking about...the kind of kiss that we all want to blush about.  Yes, I smoke, but that is why I carry a small bottle of Listerine in my purse.  What if my Prince comes through and we just click.  What if he devises a way for us to be alone and the mood is just right and he leans in and licks his lips oh soo right and then....uuuuhhhhhhhhhh.  That was soo yummy.  After so long it better be just like this.  :kiss

lilyiam07 lilyiam07
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siiigh, me too.