I Miss Kurt Cobain

Not only was he one of the best rockers to come up in our time, he also shaped my life :). His music, is something that when your down, can make you remember the days of real grunge rock. Finding out about his death, killed me, It was like loosing Elvis. Kurt was like the king of grunge rock. Reading his suicide note was hard. Seeing his passion gave me hope. When i started my youth group, one of my girls, was having a hard time dealing with some issues, and i told her about Kurt Cobain. And its something that has helped her, and given us a common bond :-). 

The world will never be the same without you Kurt

Sorry its a little late


Alaskaorangejuice Alaskaorangejuice
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3 Responses May 30, 2007

kurt was the last rock star

I raise my lighter to ya.

I still think Courtney had something to do with it! That waste of space junkie loser! There is no way he commited suicide! It was a set up!