I Miss You...........

Yeah I miss Kurt, so so much.....

He was such a beautiful man, a missunderstood soul. People gave him all sorts of labels, but you cannot define a man like Kurt. For he was soooooo much more.....

And to this day, he still inspires with what he left us- his music. The beauty in his songs still changes the world long after his death.

And I still cry tears over him, for he gave the world so much, even when the world was tearing him apart.

There won't be another like Kurt Cobain.....

He is still missed.....



TheWanderingSupertramp TheWanderingSupertramp
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5 Responses Mar 10, 2010

I feel the same.<br />
kurt was the last rock star<br />
he had a unique talent & even his cover songs became unique to him

Funny how when you're dead, people finally listen. The world heard his music while his dedicated fans heard, felt every piece of gravel his voice delivered. Now in passing the world now has no choice but to listen to the road that paved and changed music genre permanently.

I know exactly how you feel, 'wish you were here..'

It is a really good song (although Bowie wrote it) and I think that "Unplugged In New York" was by far the highlight of their career

All the good poets are dead. I think this song always spoke to him but Man who Sold the World is my favorite performance of his. I haven't really got into rock since the Seatle era died, evrything sounds so soulless and commericial.