Maturity Sucks!.....

...and to use the term Maturity along with my name really is kinda funny! But, this is ONE of those things that I suppose I'll never do again.

  In younger days when love, lust and yearning were all the same thing, talking on the phone all night or at least for hours at a time was almost common. I recall the days before computers when telephone Chat lines were first introduced to me. You could hook up with SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE and just have a blast sharing and a STRANGER! But maybe that was the lure there...the annonymity of it all. You'd hang on and chat for hours...with the phone reciever falling out of your hand at times 'cause you drifted off for a second. Just the IDEA that this other person was so interested made them so much more interesting. And just the far off chance that an actual meeting might actually was fuel for sure.

  Then there were the early girlfriends. The sexual tension always so didn't want to hang up for fear that they'd somehow find a better boyfriend in the confines of their own rooms at 3 oclock in the morning! 

   It was a charge. It felt so good. Just one of those THINGS that we grow out of I guess. Too bad!

Sudbury Sudbury
46-50, M
Mar 10, 2010