Mystery Wedding Invitation

Got a wedding invitation in the mail.   I don't know the bride or the groom.   The invitation just say together with our parents your invited.
I looked them up on Facebook and they are a cute couple.   The only connection is see, is my step brother's son is on the Grooms friends list.
So I've sent him a message, but haven't heard back.
If we don't figure out this mystery.   Do we just send our reqrets?     I'm tempted to attend just to solve the mystery.   and get some free cake  HA!

They've got to know us somehow or they wouldn't know our address

RitaMosquita RitaMosquita
1 Response May 7, 2012

U don't know these people I would not attend until I am sure what is going on. If they really know U or it was not a mistake of some kind, than they should respond to your request.<br />
Just make the wise choice.