I'm Sad................

I love my moo.  She has a very, very good, caring, loving heart, an awesome personality.  She was one of my great friends here who basically restored my faith in my ability to be friends with other women.  She always made me laugh, she always checked up on me to make sure I was okay, and I appreciated that a lot.  I mean, she was a real friend.  I miss her. 

I really don't look at EP the same after she left; after what happened to cause her to leave. 

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The whole thing leading up to it was bullshit and it was sad how bad it got. I miss moo.<br />
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Yeah. It isn't fair at all to her. It really sucks. EP's really not the same without her.

She's missed by many adoring fans. She is a sassy, cool woman. And was basically bullied away. The drama got to be too much for her. And that sucks. <br />
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I miss her.

ya, i still dont get what happened

She is missed very much.

I think she is missed by a lot of prople.

((((hugs)))) :(