That S%^ks

Moo was a great friend when I first got here to EP and someone you could count on for good advise. She has been one of the reasons I have enjoyed the site and I will miss her


Its too bad the bullies won, I wonder who they will target now?

dasmuggler dasmuggler
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Ah, the heck with her. MissBebe is nicer and has a better looking tongue.

Bullies are those that you intimidate with your knowledge, kindness, love and joy and understanding of other people or willingness to .. .. You and I frustrate them because they are not us.. so they feel the need to intimidate you into mirroring themselves.. but alais they can't.. so they become the school yard bullies, that never grew up and learnt their lessons . too bad for them.. and hopefully you're right they might one day look into the mirror at themselves and so what the f*^%% have I been doing?

I don't think the bullies have won. We're all still here. And I am sure Moo will be back. Better than ever. The bullies never win. You know why? Because they're only hurting themselves. They'll learn that sooner or later. <br />
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Of course, I have no idea why adults are still bullying anyone. Didn't all that crap stop in Middle School?!<br />
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I miss Moo.

This place will never be the same without her, she was one of those that made this place worth the time I spent here.

I'm with you das.