She Was Forced Out.

Imagine my astonishment when I logged on, to find that a part of me has been deleted. Strings of PM’s, stories I have commented on, but worst of all a very good friend is gone. Why is the first question that comes to mind, the second being where to begin to search for answers. Was it once again the mob mentality that have erased yet another of the ‘good’ ones? It would seem that EP is not run by those that have originally started it, but by a select few that have by means unknown to me usurped the power behind the decision who stays, and who goes. Leaving me to feel a bit vulnerable, afraid to leave honest comments, scared to stand up for my friends, in fear of riling the wrong person/s.


Has it then come to the point where, if you don’t have the right friends, you are not to stand up for those that you believe make an important contribution to this community? If that then is true it leaves me wondering if it is worth the effort to log on to a site where politics dictate the actions of those in power.


I have not only lost a friend today, I have lost a part of myself.

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Magic- I am baffled over "she was bullied out" bcz I thought EP Support appreciated Moo, her ideas, thoughts and that they listened to her. She can't have been such a catalyst that EPSupport would have her leave us? She had her own reasons, I saw them building over last weeks. Bullied???

There are lots of us here that miss her. Wish there aws something we could do to prevent such a thing from happening again. *Sigh*

She didn't leave on her own, she was bullied out.

Altho rather new to the site, I have enjoyed many of Moo's comments and thoughts. I don't understand why she should leave just b/c she had a disagreement about something here. That should not affect her being present. Even if she got her feelings hurt, she has enough friends here to blow that off. If she rubbed someone the wrong way, too bad. S/he should blow it off too. Flutterby please tell her to come back!

what happened?

Moo is a good girl. Friendly, sassy, making her way through a lot of crap, just like the rest of us. I miss her.

Moomouse was my first fan here, I don't understand what happened. You should be able to share how you feel and whatever your opinions may be and not be intimidated by others-especially when it's supposed to be "anonymous". Maybe I'm reading this all wrong- I'm fairly new to EP but I say who gives a f*@k what other people think of you on here?

It's not your fault