I Miss My Husband So Much

this is our first deployment and I feel like I'm going crazy with everything I know its my job to keep everything together but its hard not having him here I want him to come home but reality is he just left I barley eat I cant sleep without him and sometimes I just want to lay in bed all day and the thing is I cant say anything to him cause then hell lose focus and he needs to have his mind clear I just miss him like crazy and I worry so much not knowing if hes alright drives me crazy I try to stay busy but it doesnt work what do i do  GOD forbide something was to happen I dont think I could survive 

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3 Responses Feb 11, 2009

I went through the exact same thing when my husband deployed. I was 18 at the time and pregnant with our son. By the time my husband came back from deployment our son was already 6 months old. It was really tough going through all of that without him being there right beside me. We got through it though! Just write him as much as you can, send him emails, or messages just let him know that you miss him!

thanks!! ya know I was thinking about doing that to writing in a journal and when he gets home he can read it I think Im gonna do that to =] and feel free to talk to me about anything you have on your mind

TELL US what you want to tell him, I completely understand that you just want to ramble on and on, but you don't want to distract him from the purpose of him being there! KUDOS girl, you are "getting it!"<br />
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there is PLENTY I want to tell my hubby right now and know that I can't or shouldn't! Sooooooooooo<br />
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I went to the dollare store JUST YESTERDAY, and bought a Journal. I am writing it in everyday the things that I want to say to him, but can't right now.....I'm still getting it out, and in a way still telling him, I started my first entry addressed to my husband....Dear Noel, and just let the pen flow with all my emotions! You know what I felt better! <br />
I figure when he gets home, he can read the book and get caught up on me that way!<br />
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It also helps to rant and rave to any of us too, we're not your hubby, but we will listen!