The Best Aunty In The World!!

im in highschool, my aunty means so much to me. she graduated as a doctor, after studying for 10 yrs in uni, never giving up. she went for her first job. spent all her money for my ball, dress, makeup, everything. . . it was the first time she wasnt there for my school dance, she normally does all my makeup and stuff. when she left for her first job as a doctor, we waved her goodbye on the plane. . . 4 weeks later she left me and my family, we never got to welcome her home. . . she was supposed to come back 4 days before she left us . .we had a weekend away planned for us girls. . shes an angel now <3  

 its been 7 weeks, but the memories seem like yesterday. everyone keeps saying that as time goes it gets easier, but each day without her is harder, she was only 28. i love her and miss her so much, words cant describe the feeling i have deep down inside me, i just wish i could turn back, be there for her, save her.

aunty i will always love you more!! xox
kyyyy kyyyy
May 15, 2012