I Miss U Baby Girl

hi, Angel

i miss u so much, its just like yesterday when i felt u in me but hey....... i guess everything happens for a reason bt just wanted to tell u wat happened, It all began wen i told yr dad *my boyfriend at that time* i was pregnant with u, he didnt want to hear a single word of it he told me to get rid of u bt i couldnt cz of the love i had for u, no 1 wanted anything to do with me at that time, bcz of medical reasons my only sister and my brothr considered that that was the only way out so they coerced me to get rid of u but hey they told m it was the only way now i miss u like crazy wish u were here love u hope u happy wer u are i know u are here with u yr dad and i nolonger see eye to eye cz he is the majer reason y u not here right now hope u forgiv m my baby i remember yr last heart beat i still keep the clothes i kept 4 u hoping u would wear them 1 day loosing u was the worst thing thats ever happened to my life i wish i could hold u in my arms
nicolejey nicolejey
Sep 15, 2012