She Prefers Her Boyfreind Over Her Only Best Freind

I think it's sad how in my all entire life i had 2 very close freinds.
freinds so close allmost nobody i know had, and i think i lost them both.
first one was such a bad person, insulted me, lathud at me and not with me(must of the times), but i really loved her.
I did anything for this freind, i loved her very much and we been so so close, well for some time she was my only freind, but i loved her so much i didn't care( not in a romantic way). se we been freinds for five years, but a day came and shes decided she dosent love me and she don't want to be my  best freind, feind, or anything to me.
i went freom there crying and it was so damn hard, i allso didn't had any other freinds because all of them was with her.
well...we were very very young but it hurted like hell.
but i got over it.
i never really trusted people from that point, but she came.
a really girl like me, the same thoughts, the same everything.
she felt alone ands he had no hopes left about life but i helpd her, and we became best freinds.
i did had other freinds then but it was nothing compare to what me and her had, very very storng realationship.
it least a year, everyday talked for 5 hours, i saw her everyday, it was a very happy and fun times, but it's all over.
i promised to myself never let anyone in, after i trusted and trusted it was for nothing.
but i said what the hell, she is such an amaizing person.
well she stil is.
but i helped her with a guy she liked, and then...that's it.
we talk like one time in a weak, she's always angry at me for something, i undestand she loves him really much, and i'm so happy for her, but i'm not happy that the fact that some guy that your gonna breakup with him anyway, should be all her world, and i'm left behind.
we are still "freinds", but it hurts like hell...again lol.
she called me only ones, when she thought she was pregnet, well, yeah.
even if i'm trying to call or to talk to her, it still a small talk, or that i don't get an answer at all.
it's really the worst time of my life, cause right now...i feel like i have no one.
i don't know what the hell should i do.

katkatkatkat katkatkatkat
13-15, F
Aug 5, 2010