Jealous Or Right??

my best friend is one of the greatest people in this world. she is kind, caring, and a loving mother. i guess the reason i miss her the most is because she got married a few years ago. now her husband is her best friend. i mean we still get together and do things and act like silly little girls, but it turns around when her her husband comes home or calls. i guess i am jealous.we were always alike and now we have a huge difference. her children are wonderful. i love them like they are my own. i wish things could go back to the way they used to be, but then i would be changing her happiness for my own and that is totally selfish. i miss being the first one she called when something exciting happened. of course i am the second, which is nothing to complain about. i just miss her. and the bad part is i didn't loose her but gained her husband as a friend. that should be a good thing. but i think he secretly looks down on me. at least i feel that way. i know she really isn't gone, but i still do miss her.
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1 Response Sep 26, 2010

i know how u feel.............u just gotta be there good or bad.times change and so do people....