I Loves Her

  my best friend and i have been friends for about   sixteen  yrs now ... and she up and moved to fla about 3 yrs ago .... shes only been back once and i miss her soo much ... shes the only person ive never hid anything about myself from .... she is my alter ego ... my partner in crime... we do keep in contact how ever ...  through email ... but  its still hard not to see her ...  she means the world to me .. shes like my sister .....  hell she is my sister ....   we  used to get in mass trouble together ...  when we were younger .. so much Drama  and everyonce in awhile she would get mad at me and not talk to me for a minute but she would always come back ...  we were destined to be best friends  shes just freakin moody ...   but i love her  she  RAWKS!!!
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3 Responses Feb 26, 2007

thts the same situation with me..im 16 and my best friend moved to Florida earlier this year...and i havent seen her since..and i was talking to my mom about plane tix to see her..and she is like "NO" and im so upset..my mom doesnt understand how much my bff means to me..

I would go see her but its hard for me to travel with my kids that far ... and money is very tight for me

why don't you make an effort to go visit her