You make me stronger... my best friend..

So i'm here again and since i didn't had anything to do today i'm gonna share a small but very important part of my life with all of u.. my real life best friend...

She is 5 feet 3 inches tall and have white skin with long black hairs and very beautiful dark brown eyes.. she looks damn cute and very pretty.. She is very kind and sweet and always help others no matter what.. she's innocent and gentle and love people even if they don't like her.. She's ethical, loves God , well behaved, easy to talk with, spiritual, enjoyable, charming, a good cook, very funny and a bit crazy...

She likes to dance on hip hop songs and even try different moves and choreography .. she likes to pose for photographs like models while i like to take her pics.. she likes to be in sun and get a tan while i would have to carry an umbrella over her so she don't get sick...LOL... she's the one with whom i often sing songs and post them on my and her facebook accounts.. She's very creative and innovative and she even inspires me to draw the stuff i can not imagine.. both of us like to draw and we compare our sketches and learn from them.. She punches me, rings my doorbell and runaway when she  knows i'm upset and she makes funny faces and teases me when my mood is off.. She's the dream girl i used to see in stories and fairly tales..
You know?.. i'll tell u a thing.. I'm often nervous when i am giving a speech in front of large audience.. She knows i'm pretty good in giving speeches,, when i once had to host a program on a big platform i was so nervous.. but then i saw her pic on my cell phone and it made me smile.. all nervousness just disappeared and i was feeling very confident.. :) 

We even send gifts and letters to each other via speed post/ courier... we stay connected with each other via facebook and when we're both free we chat non stop for hours.. the last time it was for 8 hours,...LOL...
We talk to each other almost every day, but when we can't, we just leave a text or a message on facebook about what we did that day... Sometimes even for the slightest thing in life we will talk to each other, be it when a mosquito bite... LOL.. We both live in different countries and we are more than 5000 KM away from each other... but we still be in touch and visit each other whenever possible...

At last I just wanna thank God for giving me such an incredible and adorable best friend.. I'm extremely lucky to find such a person and no one and i mean NO ONE can take her place... Thank you God and thank my bestie for always being on my side.. love u...!!!!!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

TheJabalpurGuy24 TheJabalpurGuy24
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1 Response Apr 14, 2012

Sounds like you have an amazing bestie! She sounds like a really amazing person!

She is!! :D