We Love Each Other So Much But Live So Far Away :(

My best friend (well one of my best friends) and I live about 700 miles apart from each other. We used to date but we figured off we would be better as best friends. and ever since then we have been closer than ever. We video chat for hours everynight and it never gets old. We arent afraid to talk about anything and although a lot of people do not accept me nor her for the person we are, we accept each other and thats what makes us special. Of my best friends shes the one I can go to about anything and shell gladly put up with it and help me and vice versa. Shes so beautiful inside and out and im the luckiest guy on earth to had once have her as my loving girlfriend, but im even more lucky to have her as my even more loving best friend.

Living 700 or so miles apart is tough. We are making plans to see each other again but its very tough. I know that one day we will see each other again and when I do Im going to embrace her like never before, both physically and as the good hearted loving friend she is
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18-21, M
Jul 29, 2012