My best friend died four years ago this month. She was an amazing woman, intelligent, charismatic, funny, loyal, kind. People were always drawn to her, you couldn't help but be drawn to her. She had a way with words, no one could tell a tale quite like her, she'd bring whatever situation she was talking about to life in the most amusing way. We shared the same warped sense of humour, in the company of others all it would take was a look passed between us and we'd be in fits of laughter at something that the rest of the company had missed. There'll never be another like her, when Marion was made they broke the mould, the world could never have coped with two such stellar women.
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3 Responses Sep 23, 2012

That's very sweet and sad :(

Very Sweet tribute :)

I think as we get older we realise more how unique and special our friends are /were : (

What a lovely warm post to your friend, you really painted a picture of her xx