I Miss My Best Friend.

I miss my best friend. The last time she came to visit she made me feel bad about myself growing up it was always a one way street with her. She's right everyone else is wrong. I never spoke up now that I"m older I speak up I don't put up with it specially when she said hurtful things to me and my friend who was sitting next to me. I know my best friend and I have been through a lot together but I"m not a push over I don't like to be disrespected I spoke up and told her how I felt she didn't even seem to care she told me that we will hang out in a few years when I have grown up ! ha how funny I"m the one trying to talk it out that's all she has to say to me. I miss her and it hurts inside we have been friends for a long time over 18 yrs. I don't want us ending our friendship just because I stuck up for myself. But like i said we grow we change and I guess it happened for a reason. I miss my best friend.
browneyes71000 browneyes71000
22-25, F
Nov 29, 2012