Ha'o Wau Ia 'oe

To Icansee,

I haven't seen you since fall 2010, in that time... No endless laughs, just lol. No tight hugs, just *hugs*. This whole text only communication is driving me crazy, and while it seems like an eternity since I've last seen you I can still recall the first day I met you in 2008 like it was yesterday. Just wanted to write this story for you, Icansee, to say publicly I am overjoyed this is coming to an end. By that I mean of course I'm going to see you again, and only a short flight from my little tourist trap of a city too. I'll be seeing you soon, my b.b.b.f.f. (big brother best friend forever) <--- To those who're wondering. :)

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1 Response Jan 8, 2013