"Best Friends For Life"

I met this best friend of mine almost 3 yrs ago while attending a training course.we really have lot of things in common and since then we've made a promise to become best friends forever.It's been almost 2 yrs since we part ways to seek employment and we're both in Middle East right now but in different countries.We use to talked once in a while and I made a phone call last day.I'm just glad that after all this years nothing changed but insted we used to value our friendship right now more than ever.I'm really thankful that i have someone like her in my life.hopefully we will both back home next year.I really miss her and all the stuff we use to do.I've watched a movie yesterday in titled "BEACHES" and that reminds me of lot of things and the memories we shared together.It makes u feel better knowing that u have someone who can fully understand u and always be there for u no matter what happen. 
pritzy pritzy
22-25, F
May 27, 2007