Missing Him

We met at sixth form and he was in my geography class, we always got and had a great laugh, i knew as soon as i met him I wanted him, but suffice to say I was too scared to take the chance and we slipped into best friend mode.

He joined the army and i moved away down south to Cantebury, then back up to our hometown in Huddersfield all the while keeping in contact with each other.

I started at Newcastle University in September 2006, and i was at a good time in life. We got closer during my term, i missed him and would speak to him everyday, but idenied i still liked him it was over long ago....wasnt it?  The night before new years eve 2006/7 we met up and went out had an amazing night but i was sad he didnt seem to want to let me go nor i him. We went out again the next night and by midnight WE we're together and it just felt right. I will never regret that first ngiht we spent together it made me realise how much i did love him.

Funnily enough he had liked me when we had first emt but he too was scared to tell me. My only problem was my inability to be secure in my relationships. I have been hurt one too many times and unfortunately as we we're apart alot of the time- me at uni, him in the army I slipped into my old routine of being scared to lose him so pushed him away incase he hurt me. He called it a day after one too many bad events and i miss him more than he can ever know, not only have I lost my partner i lostmy best friend.

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you should contact him, because I know how it feels to lose a best friend and now I know that had I not push him away he would still be friends. Don't risk losing him becasue your scared. I hope everything turns out good for you