My Sister of the Heart

I have had this friend for 13 years ...we were just kids when we met .......we use to be so close...sisters.Joined at the hip.....

as we moved on to high school,we never let any of that drama affect our friendship.........we were both so grateful to have each other.We both went through alot of the same struggles ........

She made everything bearable.She was my rock..

She lives less than a mile away today.

We have grown so distant.After high school we both had children around the same time and they basically grew up together as babies .....I just don't know where things began to change for us.....I still see her from time to time and I look in her eyes and I see nothing.I don't know what happened .......just life happened I guess..the years just chipped away at our bond.....and I miss her so much....

and I think she misses me too but now we have been through so much in our very seperate,different lives and we have this wall there now.......

I will love this girl though ...till the day I die..
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I had this happen to me too. She changed all of a sudden. She became someone I didn't know. I felt like I wasn't good enough for her. She never would call or remember my birthday or even send a christmas card. It is really sad. She has new friends in her life that she goes out of her way to impress. She never had to impress me, I liked her the way she was, now I don't know her and I don't like the fake person she has become.<br />
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Perhaps you and your friend still have some common bond to reestablish the friendship. If not, I'm truly sorry for your loss.

Reading your story really made me sad because I have a best friend like that but I dont really know where she is and its drugs that really got between us (shes still using i think). You feel like a piece of you is missing.

thank you friend ! :)

hope u feel better, ivé been there too, feflower

I hope you can successfully reconnect with your friend. Good luck!

Naw, it can never be easy to be parted from one's best friend, no matter whether you are parted geographically or spiritually/emotionally etc. It is tough; life is tough... Maybe you can make efforts to tear down the wall that has arisen between you? Good luck! :)

aww I'm sorry to hear that ....yup that's life I guess ......

I completly understand. I had the BEST friends in high school. I would spend every waking monent with. And now. Nothing. It makes me sad sometimes to think back. (I have kinda stayed in tough with the one that I was closest you say life happens)