Just this November, one of my best friend's mom passed away. I remember the day her mom passed I skipped out of school fifth period and went to her house to comfort her. We cried for about twenty minutes about her mom, regretting we were in a fight when it happened, and realizing that she wasn't going to live in our town anymore. She moves with her sister and even though her mom passed away, it's the happiest she's ever been. She misses her mom terribly but she didn't have a good reputation in our town. But when she moved, I knew she was taking our friendship with her. I talk to her occasionally now and I'm happy that she's happy. And even though her mom passed away. we're both upset she couldn't stay. She was gone the day her mom died and maybe it wasn't enough time to say bye yet. I don't know. It sucks though. But I wanted her to be happy and now she is. I just kind of wish all of these bad things didn't have to happen to make her happy.

yeawutever94 yeawutever94
13-15, F
Feb 10, 2010