My Friends

My best friend, Linda, in high school betrayed me and I haven't had contact with her in years.  I don't miss her though.  My best friend, Dianna, with whom I was friends with for over two decades recently died and I miss her terribly.  I think about her all the time.  My best fiend Katherine, is twenty-some years older than I, and has paranoid dementia.  Though she is still alive, she won't see me anymore.  I miss the way she used to be and the friendship we had.  My best friend Nora is a most wonderful and generous person, whom I love dearly.  She lives in Alaska and I in Nevada.  When she retires she will move down here and I can't wait. (1 year, 10 months, ten days)  My other best friends are Dave, Jim, Donny and Barb.  They are people I work with and if they weren't there, I would hate work.  I also like Dave's girlfriend who is the sweetest person I have ever met.  Of all my friends, Nora is my number one and actually she is more family than friend.  She is a sister to me and a second wife to my husband (in a platonic way).  We go on trips together except we had to cancel this years because we have to pay a lot of taxes to the IRS.

Raving12 Raving12
41-45, F
Feb 18, 2010